lifehost360, founded in 2020 by a multinational founding team with decades of experience in building and operating highly available, scalable and automated IT infrastructures, has set itself the task of establishing a new competitor to the established cloud providers.

Our employees have been searching and traveling together and also individually as digital nomads for years. On the road and on the lookout for experience, for the best offering in cloud infrastructure solutions. During our travels we were allowed to get to know the infrastructures of smaller and larger operators, from cloud providers to banks to small and large online stores. Over time, we found that many of our valued competitors too often shined with empty promises and poor customer service.

This was the point where we founded

Without long term contracts for our customers. Cancelable at any time - with direct refund, already paid amounts. Accessible at any time. And with our 360° guarantee! You won't find any unmotivated support rabbits with us. With us, the small team works directly with you - because you are the customer who pays our salary. Our 360° guarantee in a nutshell and simplicity: You are not satisfied? Tell us! We will find a solution, always.

Of course, our own claim is a big task for such a small team. Therefore, we will expand our offer step by step and grow with our customers. In doing so, we take every critical feedback from our customers seriously and constantly improve the quality of our services. Our bug bounty program helps us to do so: You found a bug in our software? We reward all reported bugs with a credit on your customer account!

We purchase and operate our own infrastructure in the most secure and reliable data centers throughout Europe. This way we keep full control over the security and integrity of our infrastructure.