As long as you do not cancel your server or products, you will receive an invoice from us. The contract with OÜ is always concluded for an indefinite period and can be terminated by you.

If you no longer need your servers or other products, please cancel them. You will then immediately receive an automatic refund of the prepayment for the unused time.

For cloud servers and IaaS, all servers and services are always billed for 30 days (720 hours). The notice period is 1 minute unless you have selected a minimum contract term in connection with a discount; If you cancel, you will receive an overview of how long your server or service was active and what reimbursement you will receive. Cloud servers and IaaS are always billed, regardless of whether the server is active or has been switched off by you. This is because we hold all system resources for you - regardless of the power state - until you delete them. This procedure also enables you to start your servers quickly.

With dedicated servers, you will always be charged for the server for 30 days (720 hours). The notice period is usually 1 day, unless you have selected a discount with a minimum contract period when ordering. The setup fee is non-refundable.

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