We are generally reluctant to freeze our customers' accounts, however there are rare instances where we need to apply bans.

These cases can be divided into different categories:

The user account has been restricted

If the user account is only to be restricted, we ask that you contact us on our e-mail for this case or by ticket.

Activation can usually be carried out again as soon as the case has been clarified.

A case in this category is opened when there is a slight violation of our Terms of Service.

The user account has been blocked

If there is no response in cases of the first category, DCMA reports, or if there is a serious violation of our terms of use, the user account will be permanently blocked. Unblocking is no longer possible and all existing contracts will be terminated and all data will be deleted.

Created at: 2022-07-13 23:25:41
Modified at: 2022-12-04 23:35:56

Lifehost360 Administrator