Our internal billing works via a clear prepaid system.

Top Up

Credit is topped up via a payment service such as SEPA or credit card and can then be used. With real-time payment services, such as a credit card, the credit is available immediately, otherwise we have to wait for the payment to arrive.


Certain products, such as domains, can only be paid for annually for the entire term and can only be canceled at the time of expiration.
General products, such as cloud servers, are charged for one month. A virtual budget is reserved in the credit. This credit is no longer available. If a product is canceled within the contract period, the unused budget will be refunded to the credit. Usage is billed by the hour, minimum usage is one hour. The product can be canceled at any time.


As soon as you have booked a product with us, a budget is calculated in the statement. This budget is divided into three areas:

  1. Balance: Displays your currently available balance
  2. Estimated budget per month: This display shows the budget already used and the total calculated budget per month.
  3. Estimated months: This is the calculated term in months for which your credit is sufficient. If this number falls below one month, an automatic top-up is carried out.

Automatic Top Up

If the Estimated Months metric falls below one month, an automatic top-up occurs. The sum of the charge is calculated as follows: credit minus the required budget plus a percentage "security" so that the credit does not fall to 0€ immediately after the charge.

The automatic top-up can be canceled by the user at any time free of charge, otherwise it will also be canceled automatically after 7 days as long as no payment is made. If no credit is topped up, the products will be blocked.

Product blocking

If a product is not paid for, it will be blocked automatically. A block means that the data remains available and the product can be extended at any time by charging. If the product is not renewed, it will be completely deleted after a period of time, after which point we cannot restore any backups or data.

Credit Refunds

Credit is not usually refunded, however this may be possible. We only pay out credit that has not been credited internally. An internal credit includes the following types of transactions:

Use of Promo Credit

In the form of marketing campaigns, we offer vouchers for "promo credit". However, this credit is subject to certain conditions of use:

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