Please pay your bills as soon as possible. If your customer account is still active, you can make the payment here. All payments are always checked on the hour and credited to the customer account. Cloud servers and IaaS products will be started automatically after crediting.

I've shut down my server, but I'm still getting bills from you guys! Why is that? - Learn more about our billing system.

Backups are billed as a monthly flat rate. The price is based on the size of the hard drive to be backed up and is shown to you when you place your order.

If you have your own IP address range, we can forward this to your cloud server for you (bring your own IP, ByoIP).

Do you want to know how our credit system works? Find out more information here.

We charge for external traffic in both directions. Traffic that remains in the local network via the LAN interfaces is not calculated.

We often offer credit for our platform in marketing campaigns. However, this credit can only be used for certain products.

Read more in this article.

On our website we offer you the option of paying quickly and securely by credit card. Learn more about how we process these payments.