If your server cannot be reached via the Internet, this can have several reasons:

You haven´t requested a public interface

Go to the preferences of your server, open tab "Interfaces" and request a new public-network interface. You need to shutdown a VPS first.

Your default route on the network is wrong

As you might have noticed your server has at least one private IP Address on a private Network (something like 10.x.x.x). This Network can access the internet via NAT through one of the exit nodes.

If your default route is via the private network gateway you will always have the outgoing IP of one of those exit nodes.

To change your default route to your public network, first check the routes via:

ip route

Usually you will get two default routes. One over the private network gateway and one over the public network gateway.

Now you can just remove the private entry:

ip route del default via <private gateway IP>

If you don't have two default routes you might set your public route first:

ip route add default via <public gateway IP>

The IP address of each gateway can be seen on the "interface" tab inside your cloud server details.

The service you´re trying to reach isn´t allowed to cross the hypervisors firewall (Cloud Server only)

Go to preferences of your VPS. Open tab "Firewall" and allow incomming traffic on specific port.

=> If all isn´t helpful, please open a support request HERE, describe your issue and make sure to mention your server-ID.

Created at: 2023-01-10 00:28:51
Modified at: 2023-01-10 12:05:07

Thomas Grawert