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Unbeatable performance

Handle all your tasks with unprecedented ease. With our cloud servers you are always right! You get first-class performance with our Intel® XEON® processors and fast SSDs.

Ready to go within seconds

In fast-paced times like today, you can't wait. We are aware of that. That's why we've fully automated the provisioning of our cloud servers. Deployments typically take less than two minutes.

Easy to use

When developing our interface, we placed absolute emphasis on intuitive usability. This makes your project-based work effortless.

Simply scalable

You can scale your cloud servers at any time, if our predefined packages do not meet your requirements, you can choose the resources freely at any time. Hard disks can be added or enlarged at any time.

Super fast network

In a virtual private cloud network, you benefit from transfer rates of up to 10 gigabits per second. Predefined cloud servers have a public maximum bandwidth of 1 gigabit per second, freely selected cloud servers can access a maximum of 10 gigabits per second.


Name Type Processor Memory Disk Transfer Price per month excluding VAT
nano General Purpose 1 vCore(s) 2 GB 20 GB 1 TB 2.99 Sign Up Login
small General Purpose 2 vCore(s) 4 GB 40 GB 2 TB 5.99 Sign Up Login
medium General Purpose 2 vCore(s) 8 GB 80 GB 3 TB 19.99 Sign Up Login
large General Purpose 4 vCore(s) 16 GB 160 GB 4 TB 27.99 Sign Up Login
xlarge General Purpose 8 vCore(s) 32 GB 240 GB 5 TB 44.99 Sign Up Login
2xlarge General Purpose 16 vCore(s) 32 GB 360 GB 5 TB 74.99 Sign Up Login

As a RIPE NCC member and LIR, we operate our own high-speed network.

All our systems are connected to our backbone infrastructure with at least multiple redundancy at 10 gigabits per second. We reduce network hops through intelligent routing to achieve the lowest possible latency.

Our network is equipped with multiple DDoS scrubbing systems to intelligently detect and mitigate DDoS attacks.

If your project requirements demand bandwidths above 10 Gbit/s per server, we can scale the infrastructure to several hundred gigabits per second in a very short time.

Datacenterpark Helsinki, Finland

Datacenter Park Helsinki is an ISO 27001 certified data center park located in Tuusula, Finland. Tuusula is only about a 30-minute drive from the center of Helsinki and 15 minutes from Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. The Helsinki location is ideal for business opportunities in the Scandinavian region as well as Eastern Europe and Asia.

Public IP Transit:

  • 10 Gbits Hetzner Online GmbH
  • 100 Gbits Cogent Communications (In Planing)
  • 10 Gbits Lumen (In Planing)

Private Peerings:

  • 10 Gbits Cloudflare (In Planing)
  • 10 Gbits Google (In Planing)

Internet Exchanges:

  • 100 Gbits FICIX (In Planing)

Datacenterpark Nuremberg, Germany

Datacenterpark Nuremberg is an ISO 27001 certified data center park in Nuremberg. Due to the immediate proximity to the south-west tangent and the A73, the Nuremberg data center park can be reached quickly. Nuremberg airport is just 15 minutes away by car.

Public IP Transit:

  • 1 Gbits Hetzner Online GmbH